Saint Paul Church Tower Clock Restoration 1997

Description of Clock: 1920's E. Howard hour striking/quarter striking with auxiliary Angelus.
Approximately 6 feet tall, 2 feet wide. Located one block from Harvard Square.
Pendulum: 8 feet long, wood rod.
4 dials: each approximately 8 feet in diameter.
4 sets of weights, 4 tuned bells.

Condition prior to restoration: Tower had leaked so that mechanism was badly rusted. Earlier electrification nonfunctional. Weights cables broken, weights fallen & crashed. Cast iron dial rings broken and rusted. Hands broken, missing, or severely warped.

Missing parts fabricated included: Pallet arbor, right angle pallet bushing, escapement arbor; Escapement pinion and bushing, fan fly circular ratchet; Striking train 5 spoked brass gear and arbor bushing; 2 lobed circular cam for Angelus; Entire 5 spoked 1/4 striking controller assembly, including: brackets/arbor/worm gear/multiple cam lobes; 4 sets of hands-gilded 23 carat gold leaf; Bell hammer arbors and mounting platforms; Motion works shafts and several universal joint parts; Shaft and universal joints to Angelus.

Repairs included: Lengthening broken pendulum rod; Precisely attaching crutch and anchor to new arbor; Attaching escapement gear to new arbor; Installing various gears into incomplete dial gear assemblies; All weight hanger rods replaced with newly constructed ones; Bell hammer tail levers all replaced; Broken dial rings repaired, painted, and reinstalled.

Other work included: Complete disassembly followed by cleaning, polishing, buffing; Lacquering, painting, of all parts of the mechanism as applicable. Original paint preserved and shellacked.

Summary of work completed: Entire mechanism (4 trains) restored to its original weight driven; Pendulum regulated operation and appearance. All bells fully operational and set to ring from 10 am until 7 pm. Angelus set to ring at 12 noon and 6 pm.

Currently: Since the completion of this restoration, I have had the contract for weekly winding and routine maintenance. This clock is very accurate and seldom needs adjusting.

Condition prior to restoration
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Condition after restoration
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